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Pyrite Stone For Wealth and Business Luck/Vaastu/Increased Willpower and Manifestation

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  • Pyrite Stone Original: This stone is 100% authentic and comes in clusters. Enhance your wealth and business luck with genuine Pyrite.
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  • Chakras of Passion and Energy: Pyrite stone is associated with chakras that represent our deep-set passion, life energy, sexual prowess, and our love for creative thinking and action.
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  • Wealth Creation and Energy Cleansing: Pyrite is all about creating wealth and dispelling negative energy. It ensures that you remain resilient and motivated, stepping into the light instead of succumbing to darkness.
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  • Protective Properties: Pyrite acts as a protective stone, functioning like a personal bodyguard. It deflects negative energies and maintains your auric field's purity, keeping it free from harmful vibrations.
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  • Feng Shui Guardian: Pyrite is a powerful player in Feng Shui, thanks to its protective qualities. Placing a piece of Pyrite near entryways can help ward off negative energies and ensure your living space remains safeguarded from any bad influences.
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